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We understand that our clients may have diverse and intricate loan structures. To ensure personalized strategies, we follow a comprehensive approach during our initial meeting:

  1. Understand Your Financial Goals: We engage in discussions to gain insights into your short-term and long-term financial objectives. We take into account your risk tolerance and thoroughly evaluate your existing property portfolio.

  2. Analyze Current Loan Structure: After gaining a clear understanding of your goals, we meticulously assess your current loans and structures. We conduct a thorough analysis of interest rates, fees, and advantages and disadvantages associated with your existing loan arrangements.

  3. Assess Borrowing Capacity: We provide you with a precise understanding of your borrowing capacity. By calculating the potential equity in your current portfolio, we empower you with a solid understanding of your financial position.

  4. Loan Product and Structuring Recommendations: Based on our thorough analysis and understanding of your financial goals, we will provide you with specific recommendations regarding loan products and structures. These recommendations are carefully tailored to maximize your financial benefits and meet your unique requirements. We will communicate these recommendations to you in a clear and detailed manner.

  5. Confirmation and Loan Submission: Once we have presented our recommendations, we will await your confirmation that you are satisfied and ready to proceed. Upon receiving your approval, we will initiate the loan processing procedure. We will inform you about the necessary documents and ensure that you provide all the required information to avoid any unnecessary delays.

  6. Ongoing Communication and Updates: Throughout the loan process, we understand the importance of keeping you informed. We will maintain regular communication with you, providing updates on the progress of your loan application. You can rely on us to promptly address any queries or concerns you may have during this stage.

  7. Loan Settlement and Post-Settlement Support: Once your loan has been successfully settled, our commitment to your financial well-being does not end there. We will continue to work closely with you, ensuring that the setup of your new loan is as smooth

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